Furniture occupies every office, apartment, store and more. And in every instance, someone wrapped it, carried it and maneuvered it through—long before it ever became part of the decor. We’re those furniture movers, and we’re skilled to safely deliver everything from fragile vintage finds to super oversized sectionals.

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Here’s what we know: not a lot of people in NYC have vehicles that can accommodate a lot. So whether you’re doing a decor overhaul or buying a bureau at the flea market on a whim, we can pick up your furniture finds on a dime. We’ll meet you at boutiques, Craigslist listers, re-upholsterers and more—and deliver everything without a hitch. You can have a 6-wheeler and muscled men on speed dial, really.


No two pieces are really wrapped the same way. Shrink wrap and blankets are the main tools of our trade. But you’ll also see us bubble wrapping sharp corners, taping the underbellies of rugs and more. We’ll size up your sofas, dining tables, headboards, credenzas and much more—and give it all a one-of-a-kind wrap. Then we’ll strap the goods securely in the truck, deliver it to you and unwrap it upon arrival. Good to go.


When it comes to NYC abodes, we’ve seen it all. Like ultra-narrow apartment doors, tight garden-level vestibules, low-hanging overhead storage solutions and much more. Taking doors off the hinges and legs off tables is par for the course. We’ll measure your entryways and exit routes and determine the very best way to get your goods where they need to be. If it can fit, we’ll make it happen.

Furniture Movers | SYSTEMATIC | Movers NYC | Shipping | Brooklyn
Furniture Movers | SYSTEMATIC | Movers NYC | Shipping | Brooklyn

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  • "SYSTEMATIC is confident in handling our products, which are office and school supplies, furniture and athletic equipment. We are extremely satisfied with their work, and we would definitely recommend the company's services. They have an exceptional relationship with our customers, and customers who receive deliveries from Alick and his team will always write a satisfactory comment along with their signature proof of delivery, indicating what a pleasure it was to deal with them."

    Joel Schwimmer, Manager United Supply Corp.
  • "I was recommended to Systematic moving by a friend. They were super professional and very efficient. Alick, the owner, checked in with me before the move to figure out how many workers we would need and gave me a quote that was on par with other companies. I ended up going with systematic because they were super kind and I trusted them- no hidden costs. All of my stuff got to my new apartment in great shape. Would def recommend them!"

    Laura Jo, Brooklyn,