From pallets to tech to beverages to home appliances to store-stocking apparel, we’ll load up our fleet from floor to ceiling with your heavy-duty, high-quantity supplies. We have both the vehicles, the equipment and the manpower to move extremely substantial goods from A to B. Here’s how we do freight delivery.

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Moving large quantities takes significant coordination. From packing massive trucks in the proper order for multiple deliveries, to lifting with grit and judiciousness, we bring expertise to every job. Our workers are well trained in everything from lift techniques to in-truck organization to equipment operation. No rookies, just whizzes. Oh the things we’ve carried!


Everyday, we pick up and transport items that range from 1000lb stoves to thousands of flat screens to pallets strapped with everything from food to linens. We deliver freight within the five boroughs, within the tri-state area and to other major cities like Boston and DC. We’re fortunate to operate in a city and a region that’s dense with businesses that represent a broad range of ongoing needs. Freight is a major part of our operation, and we’re confident that we could manage and master any heavy-duty moving need you may present. Here, there, far, wide.


Sometimes we do have to flex our biceps to lift very serious weight—like a recent delivery of industrial-grade appliances for a luxury kitchen to a brownstone with steep front stairs. (It was fun! Really!) But more often than not, we use our metal jacks and trucks’ lift gates to safely move the heavy stuff everywhere it needs to go. That’s the way it goes.


No matter the contents or quantities we’re transporting, we’ll determine how best to keep your goods secure, in and out of the vehicle, on the way and at the destination. Oftentimes, freight is extremely valuable (think a truck full of flat screens or subzero refrigerators), and we take every precaution, always, to ensure safety and compliance. Plus, we are insured to cover nearly any items our trucks could ever accommodate. We gladly take it all. In addition, we lift smart, drive safe and always take pride. Get lifted.

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  • Ruckel MFG Co. supplies linens to Healthcare facilities throughout the New York City, and all of our freight needs are serviced by SYSTEMATIC, and our company greatly values their quality service. Alick and his team are honest, hardworking and most importantly, reliable. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call me at (917) 992-5628.

    Joseph Rottenberg, President Ruckel MFG Co.
  • I'm always impressed with the service orientation I find when I interact with SYSTEMATIC. All delivery and pick up issues that accrue, Alick and his team solve with one phone call. With their tremendous customer service they make our hardest days easy. The trust I have in the company is second to none. Since we started using them, our customers' complaints about damaged goods punctuality have completely stopped. The trust I have in the company is second to none. Since we started using them, our customers' complaints about damaged goods punctuality have completely stopped.”

    Ari Abrams, CEO Landau's Express
  • "SYSTEMATIC is confident in handling our products, which are office and school supplies, furniture and athletic equipment. We are extremely satisfied with their work, and we would definitely recommend the company's services. They have an exceptional relationship with our customers, and customers who receive deliveries from Alick and his team will always write a satisfactory comment along with their signature proof of delivery, indicating what a pleasure it was to deal with them."

    Joel Schwimmer, Manager United Supply Corp.
  • "We have used Alick Johnson and his company, SYSTEMATIC, with great results. His team is polite and reliable, delivers on time, as promised, with fair pricing, over and over again. We have been dealing with their company for several years. Rain, snow, sleet, hail, doesn't matter. Whenever I need a reliable service I know I can turn to SYSTEMATIC for results."

    Esther Machlis, President Finesse Creations Inc.