New York City is a work capital of the world. But no two workplaces are alike. Whether you’re in a glass tower with cubicles for miles or a loft chock full of creative supplies, we are the office movers you need.

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Office Movers | SYSTEMATIC | Moving Company NYC | Brooklyn | NYC


Are you setting up your company’s first workplace? Or expanding your operation? We can pick up everything you’ve ordered, from all over town—then deliver and assemble it in your (new) space. It could be anything from lobby furniture to endless desks to whiteboards the size of walls. We can put together desks, install “built-in” units and much more.


Sometimes a large company will be moving a number of employees from one floor to another. Or from one nearby building to another. We can do everything from packing up individual desks and communal supplies to unplugging and moving monitors—and getting them exactly where you need them. So work never misses a beat.


We’ll always take care to cover floors, protect walls and wrap furniture and keep files in perfect working order. Because in this city especially, work is life, so we’ll move your workplace like everything depends on it. We can work with you to color code supplies, study floor plans and ensure everything, and everyone, finds a place and thrives.

Office Movers | SYSTEMATIC | Moving Company NYC | Brooklyn | NYC
Office Movers | SYSTEMATIC | Moving Company NYC | Brooklyn | NYC

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  • "SYSTEMATIC is confident in handling our products, which are office and school supplies, furniture and athletic equipment. We are extremely satisfied with their work, and we would definitely recommend the company's services. They have an exceptional relationship with our customers, and customers who receive deliveries from Alick and his team will always write a satisfactory comment along with their signature proof of delivery, indicating what a pleasure it was to deal with them."

    Joel Schwimmer, Manager United Supply Corp.
  • "We have used Alick Johnson and his company, SYSTEMATIC, with great results. His team is polite and reliable, delivers on time, as promised, with fair pricing, over and over again. We have been dealing with their company for several years. Rain, snow, sleet, hail, doesn't matter. Whenever I need a reliable service I know I can turn to SYSTEMATIC for results."

    Esther Machlis, President Finesse Creations Inc.
  • "I'm busy. Systematic came into my company understanding that I couldn't and wouldn't be able to focus on the move. They explained everything ... dispelled any anxiety. The job was done expediently. Efficiently. Painless. I've never experienced an office move with such ease ... and with no surprise up-charges. Many thanks to Systematic. I'll find them the next opportunity I have to deliver anything around the city."

    Benjamin Bailey,